We are a family business, with a long tradition in food preparation through artisanal processes.

We are quality,

we make 100% organic broths, sauces, pâtés and jams

Three brands with the same origin and the same philosophy:.

Offer the highest quality, with the best ingredients, organic and local.


We have kept many of the traditional recipes, but also we like to evolve them, incorporating new ingredients, achieving more authentic and personal flavors.

Can Garriga offers hight-quality premium organic broths.

Caldus cooks organic broths and sauces with a real homemade flavor.

Margot makes pâtés and jams also ecological and 100% natural.

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T. 93 514 21 49

M. 678 70 57 52



Pol. Ind. Montguit

C/Roca Nau A2

L’Atmella del Vallès